The University Centre

The facilities of the University Residential Center are located inside three unique buildings on the hilltop of Bertinoro: the Bishop’s Fortress – the Rivellino – the former Seminary

The Bishop’s Fortress

During the Middle Ages the fortress was one of the most efficient defensive buildings in the area thanks to its strategic location overlooking the surrounding plain. It was built in the X Century and its architecture was refined by the Malatesta family in the XV Century and from 1581 by the bishop Giovanni Caligari.
From the end of the 1500s until 1986 the fortress was the home of the Bishops of Bertinoro.
It currently houses:

6 training rooms located on the first and second floor equipped with: wi-fi, video projector, microphones;

21 guestrooms (16 single, 4 twin, 1 junior suite). All rooms have wi-fi connection and en-suite bathroom.

All meeting spaces inside the Fortress are flexible and can be set-up according to the logistical requirements of each event. The conference areas on the first floor are decorated with frescoes that date back to the XV and XVII Centuries.

The Rivellino

Formerly a military outpost of the Fortress, the Rivellino was one of the first buildings of the complex to be restored. It currently houses:

3 training rooms equipped with wi-fi, video projector, microphones.

All meeting spaces inside the Rivellino can be set-up according to the logistical requirements of each event. The building is surrounded by two scenic terraces that offer a unique view over the neighboring valleys.

The Guesthouse (Former Seminary)

At the core of the Former Seminary lies an ancient cloister dating back to the mid-XVIII Century. After undergoing a full restoration, the Seminary currently houses:

32 single rooms equipped with wi-fi and en-suite bathrooms

31 twin rooms equipped with wi-fi and en-suite bathrooms

1 junior suite equipped with wi-fi and en-suite bathroom

A full-service dining facility with 200 seats for breakfast, lunch and gala dinners

A 24-hour gym.

Inside the perimeter of the Former Seminary and at walking distance from the Fortress are located two of the largest meeting rooms of the University Center:

Sylvester room: an ancient church (at about 50 meters from the guesthouse and 150 meters from the Fortress)

The Theater room (located at about 100 mt from the guesthouse and 200 mt from the Fortress).