### Aims & Topics

Galaxy groups consist of a few tens of galaxies bound in a common gravitational potential and contain a significant fraction of the overall universal baryon budget. Therefore, understanding their formation and evolution is crucial to study a range of astrophysics spanning non-gravitational, baryonic processes associated with galaxy formation to large-scale structure statistics constraining cosmology. However, despite their crucial role in cosmic structure formation and evolution, galaxy groups have received less attention compared to massive clusters. This is in part due to their rarity in being observed and properly characterized. With the advent of eROSITA (launched in 2019), many thousands of galaxy groups will be detected by X-ray, complementing on-going and future optical (DES, Euclid, Vera Rubin), SZ (SPT-3G, ACT), and radio (LOFAR, MeerKAT) surveys, and paving the way towards the exploitation of the next generation of X-ray instruments (onboard XRISM-expected to flight by 2023- and the ESA L2 mission Athena -in the 2030s).

The aim of this workshop is to bring together theoreticians and observational astronomers working at different wavelengths to discuss the latest developments in our understanding of these systems and present future prospects in the study of the physical properties of galaxy groups.

Depending on the background and interest of the participants, we plan to review and discuss several topics during the workshops, such as:

* the properties of the hot intra-group medium

* the incidence of AGN feedback in nearby groups

* how galaxies are assembled and processed on group scales

* the nature of fossil galaxy groups: really fossils or just the final stage of mass assembly in the Universe?

* revise the theoretical picture of groups formation and evolution, and address questions like:

– how do AGN feedback from hydrodynamic simulations and observations compare?

– what are the current limitations and the perspectives for improving theoretical modeling in the near future?

* how and where the next generation of instruments will improve our observational constraints

### SOC

  1. L. Lovisari (INAF OAS Bologna – co-chair) S. Ettori (INAF OAS Bologna – co-chair) J. Aguerri (IAC Tenerife) M. Donahue (Michigan Univ) D. Eckert (Geneva Univ) F. Gastaldello (INAF IASF Milano) A. Le Brun (Obs de Paris) K. Matsushita (Tokyo Univ) B. Oppenheimer (Colorado Univ) E. Roediger (Hull Univ) A. Simionescu (SRON Leiden) Y. Su (Kentucky Univ)

### LOC

  1. G. Campitiello, S. Ettori, L. Lovisari (INAF OAS Bologna); M. Angelinelli (INAF OAS / DIFA Univ Bologna)

Scientific organizing committee: bertinoro22@gmail.com

Local organizer at the workshop venue: Monica Michelacci, mmichelacci@ceub.it

### Registration:

Fee is 250 EUR and includes:

* front office

* coffee breaks (one in the morning and one in the afternoon)

* lunches

* social dinner at Casa Artusi

* shuttles:

– from Forli’ train station to Bertinoro on Monday morning

– to the restaurant for the social dinner

– from Bertinoro to Bologna on Friday afternoon, after lunch

### Accommodation:

You can book your accommodation in bed and breakfast at the course venue or hotel nearby (walking distance) if necessary.

The cost of single room occupancy is € 45,00 per day. 

The cost of double room* occupancy to be shared with another participant is € 35,00 per day/per person. 


### Cancellation policy

  • There will be no penalty for cancellations received before 15 July  2022. The full amount paid, minus a 50€ processing fee, will be refunded.
  • A cancellation fee of 50% of registration costs will be applied for cancellations received between 15 July and 25 July 2022.
  • No refund will be issued for cancellations received after 25 July 2022.

Note: in case you test positive to COVID-19 before your participation, a full refund will be issued upon receipt of the certificate.

Full refund will be issued in case the meeting has to be cancelled.

All cancellations must be sent in writing via mail both to

bertinoro22@gmail.com and mmichelacci@ceub.it

*In the field note of your booking please specify your roommate. Otherwise the secretariat office will take care of the combination.