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We are happy to announce that the next PROGRAMme workshop will be held from October 1-2 at the Bertinoro University center in Bertinoro, Italy.

It is organized by Liesbeth De Mol (CNRS, Université de Lille) and Simone Martini (Universita di Bologna) and supported by the computer science and engineering department of the Università di Bologna and the ANR

In order to register, please send a mail with your affiliation to: liesbeth.de-mol@univ-lille.fr before September 1, 2019. Registration is free but required in order to attend.

This workshop is the third in a series of four workshops. Each focuses on one of the project’s main clusters (Logic; Machines; Programming Languages and Notations; Systems, see here for more information about the clusters). The third workshop will focus on the cluster “Programming languages and Notations”. In the spirit of PROGRAMme, however, this cluster is understood not in isolation from the other three. Instead the purpose is to understand how it relates and affects to the other clusters to shape notions of (computer) programs and programming.


Mardi 1 octobre, 2019

10h00-11h00: Giuseppe Primiero, Safety and Liveness in Copied Computational Artefacts
Respondant: Ray Turner
11h00-11h30: Pause
11h30-12h30: Ursula Martin, Framing Ada: class, gender, technology and representations of Ada Lovelace from 1815 to the present
Respondant: Pierre Mounier-Kuhn
12h30-14h00: Déjeuner
14h00-15h00: Henri Stephanou, UML and business process modeling
Respondant: Selmer Bringsjord
15h00-15h30: Pause
15h30-16h30: Martin Carlé, Literate Programming, containerisation and the future of Digital Humanities
Respondant: Baptiste Mélès
16h30-17h30: Simone Martini, Lego Programming
Respondant: Tomas Petricek
17h30-18h: Pause
18h-19h: Pierre Mounier-Kuhn, “From ancillary technique to strategic stake: software in the French Plan Calcul (1966-1975)”
Respondant: Mate Szabo

Mercredi 2 octobre 2019

9h30-10h30: Dale Miller, Programming languages based on formal structures
Respondent: Jean-Baptiste Joinet
10h30-11h: Pause
11h-12h: David Nofre, Exploring the historical significance of abstraction in computer science
Respondent: Edgar Daylight
12h-13h30: Déjeuner
13h30-14h30: Alberto Naibo, Logical constants from a computational point of view
Respondent: Wendy Hammache
14h30-15h30: Baptiste Mélès, Turing languages
Respondent: Mark Priestley
15h30-16h: Pause
16h-17h: Tomas Petricek, “Programming languages as a design problem”
Respondent: Giuseppe Primiero
17h-18h: Jean Lassègue, `programming’ as a new step in the history of writing: some semiotic and anthropological remarks”
Respondent: Martin Carlé






To reserve a room at the guesthouse of the meeting venue, the University Residential Center of Bertinoro, please fill in the form by clicking on the button below.

All rooms are provided with private bathroom, TV and wi-fi connection.


– single room: €55 (bed & breakfast + self-service lunch at the Center’s cafeteria) per day;

– double room: €45 (bed & breakfast + self-service lunch at the Center’s cafeteria) per person/per day.

When booking a double room, please specify the name of the other guest.

If you need more information on the rooms, please contact jbazzoli@ceub.it