The Mobilise-D consortium and the Italian DARE Initiative are delighted to invite PhD students, early career researchers, health practitioners, patient organisations, technology developers, pharmaceutical representatives, and other interested professionals to our joint Summer School. The programmer will combine the themes of digital technologies and preventive healthcare to improve disease prevention, intervention monitoring, and personalised healthcare, thereby fostering the shift to sustainable healthcare.
Outcomes: Understanding the power of integrating new digital tools and outcomes in clinical practice and in people’s daily life to improve disease prevention, intervention monitoring and personalised healthcare.
Teaching methods: Enlightening presentations, use cases and challenges, group projects during the week, presentation of the projects, mentoring, social activities – and more surprises to come.

Application process
Who can apply?
Perhaps you are a researcher, a healthcare professional, a technology developer, an industry employee / consultant, a policy maker or a hospital / healthcare institution manager and you would like to know more about health promotion and health prevention through digital tools? Perhaps you want to improve your knowledge about the field? Or you want to design a new software or hardware solution for health? Or you want to bring new methods, processes and maybe new policies to your institution or at a regional level on healthcare promotion and prevention? Then our Summer school is the perfect place for you to be this summer!

Please note that the event will be held in person in Italy.

Members from the Mobilise-D Consortium and DARE Initiative are welcomed and encouraged to apply.

How can I apply?  

We had 90 places available at the Summer School. After the first registration batch, we still have available places, but the number is limited. Register by paying the fee on the link given below.

We are looking to have a balanced list of participants with respect to educational background, affiliation (university, industry, public and private sector, governmental, etc), interest, and gender.


Registration fee: 500 Euro, incl. accommodation and meals at Bertinoro
The Summer School is co-financed by the Mobilise-D Consortium and DARE Initiative. In addition, there is a registration fee of 500 Euro for each participant. The registration fee includes accommodation and meals at University Residential Centre, Bertinoro, as well as social events.


Travel to Italy is not included in the registration fee, and participants have to make their own arrangements.
We arrange busses from Bologna to Bertinoro on Sunday afternoon July 30 and back to Bologna on Friday afternoon August 4.

Registration and payment:
Remember, spaces are limited and the deadline to register is June 5th.
To secure your place, the payment and registration for the school will be done simply click on the link below and follow the easy registration process: