October 24, 2019 9.30-18.00-international conference

“Features of legal regulation of mediation. Current legislation of the countries participating in the conference and prospects for its development” (English)

Relevance of the conference: mediation is actively developing in the territory of the participating countries, faced with similar difficulties and issues in its legislative regulation. However, the ways of solving these issues, as well as the practice of mediation in various sectors of social life are different. Meanwhile, international integration, smoothing the boundaries of intercultural exchange and communication define new challenges in conflict resolution and convergence of approaches in the work of mediators in different countries. In this regard, it becomes urgent to get acquainted with the practice and legislative innovations in the field of mediation, exchange of experience and establish cooperation between mediators.

Goals and objectives of the conference: familiarity with the peculiarities of legislation in the field of mediation of the participating countries, coverage of topical issues of integration of mediation into the legal system of the countries:

– mandatory mediation as an out-of-court method of dispute settlement;

– interaction with the legal community;

– participation and support of the state mediation

– legal nature and binding nature of mediation agreements

– training of mediation and qualification of mediators

– categories of disputes resolved through mediation

– integration of mediation into the judicial system, etc.

It is expected the participation of representatives from Italy, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Croatia, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, etc.

The program is specified.

October 25, 2019“Practice of mediation in the territory of the participating countries”


10.00-13.00 Workshops of mediators from participating countries.

Master classes of mediators from Italy, Czech Republic, Belarus, Italy.

14.00-16.00-round table talk “Practice of mediation”

Issues for discussion at the round table:

– categories of disputes resolved through mediation

– the practice of mediation in various sectors of public life (mediation in schools, mediation in criminal cases, mediation of neighboring disputes, mediation in social conflicts, etc.).)

– summing up the results of the forum

Taxes and Fees

– Conference (2 days) + participation in the master class – 170 euro (transport and accommodation are not included)

Speakers and leading master classes do not pay the organizational fee.

Travel and accommodation are paid by the participants.

Contacts: UKON12@yandex.ru, yliaya1107@gmail.com