This registration page is reserved to TRAINEES WITH GRANT AND WITHOUT GRANT

Balances to be pay by May 24th:

1. Balance for trainees with grant: € 374,00

2. Balance for trainees with grant who paied the deposit twice : € 274,00

3. Balance for trainees without grant to be pay by May 24th: € 500,00

Full registration fee to be pay by May 24th:

1. Registration fee for trainees with grant: € 474,00

2. Registration fee for trainees without grant: € 600,00

Please proceed with the payment of the balance or the full registration fee by clicking the bottom “book on line” at the end of the page.

During the registration, please specify in the field note if you have some dietary restrictions (ex. If you are vegetarian) and your travel scheduling. It’s important to arrange transportation to the course venue.

Some useful information concerning your registration on line:

– “BILLING ADDRESS” field: you have to choose your surname/name or your institution. Only one field is admitted;

– “VAT n/Italian fiscal code number” field: if you haven’t it, please write no code or 0000

– Credit card payment is recommended