The annual meetings on Christian origins wish to provide a space for scientific debate and discussion on the broader field of early Christianity, including research on the historical Jesus, the interpretation of the early Christian writings, and the history of the early Christian groups in the Jewish and Greco-Roman world (1st and 2nd century). The meetings take the form of “Programme Units”, coordinated by specialists and young researchers. Papers are expected from a wide range of perspectives: history, exegesis, archaeology, papyrology, anthropology of religions, comparative studies, social sciences, cultural studies, and so on.



For Speakers Only  – CISSR Conference Registration Fees:
1) Professors, tenured or tenure track scholars (including RTD Italian researchers and high school professors) : € 75
2) Research fellows and postdoctoral researchers: € 50
3) Unemployed researchers, Ph.D. candidates, and graduate students: € 25

For Listeners – CISSR Conference Registration Fee:  € 75

The accommodation is borne by each participant and is guaranteed by the University Residential Centre of Bertinoro (CEUB) at The former Episcopal Seminary or at Hotel next to the meeting location.

Please note:  as the 2023 Meeting begins in the morning of Thursday, September 21, participants are warmly invited to plan to arrive the day prior to the start of the conference (i.e. Wednesday,  September 20).

Daily Rates for Accommodation (Bed & Breakfast):

  • Single room at  the former Episcopal Seminary: € 49 – SOLD OUT
  • Double room at the former Episcopal Seminary: € 39 (per person) – SOLD OUT
  • Single room at the Fortress: € 55 – SOLD OUT
  • Double room at the Fortress:  € 45 (per person) – SOLD OUT
  • Single Room at Colonna Hotel:  € 55 – SOLD OUT
  • Double Room at Colonna Hotel:  € 50 (per person) – SOLD OUT

Please indicate roommate preferences in the field “NOTE” of the registration form

 Daily Cost for Lunch and Dinner (including alcoholic beverages and coffee), served at the canteen of CEUB:

    • Lunch: € 13 each
    • Dinner: € 15 (only September 20, 2023)


Local Organizer at the course venue:
Monica Michelacci