General Information

The iTi (interdisciplinary Turbulence initiative) is a series of conferences organized in order to focus on different aspects of both fundamental and applied turbulence research. Therefore, both engineers and physicists working in the field of turbulence are invited to join the conference. Topics comprise themes such as: Fundamentals, Modeling, Simulation (DNS and LES), Mathematical Methods, Coherent Structures/Vortices, Scaling Laws and Intermittency, Large Re Flows Experiments, Convection, Polymer and Scalar, Scalar Mixing and Particle, Turbulent Boundary Layers, Atmospheric Flows and MHD to name only a few.

Against this background we announce the following setting of the iTi 2020 / 21. The conference will take place as a pure online event, i.e. we will let the communication take place via ZOOM and Discord, but we will shorten the iTi to two days (25th – 26th February 2021). Besides the invited speakers we are planning a total of 40 further livestream lectures by regular participants. This will be supplemented by 12-minute “on-demand videos”, which will be uploaded to an appropriate server before the iTi.  All participants can watch these “on-demand videos” before and during the conference and discuss their content in a dedicated session.

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Registration & fees: iTi (25-26 FEBRUARY) 50 
The fee includes the symposium proceedings (published in SPRINGER).

Note: please in the NOTE of the form line write the POSTAL ADDRESS WHERE THE PROCEEDINGS WILL BE DELIVERED.

Coordinator: Prof. Alessandro Talamelli (
CEUB coordinator: Dr.ssa Monica Michelacci (