Topics: The course has been divided in two parts. The first part includes basic scientific information and clinical skills needed for genetic healthcare practice, including prenatal, cancer genetics, ethics and laboratory testing. The second part will focus on the counselling and communication skills required by those working with patients and their families. All students will be encouraged to practice their counselling skills in a supportive environment and to give and receive feedback. The course will include some exercises and discussion sessions aimed at facilitating professional and personal self-awareness of students, in order to enhance their genetic counselling practice.  The course will include sessions on supporting patients through decision-making, prenatal and presymptomatic testing.

Target Audience: Clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, genetic nurses and trainees in those professions.  Students who are new to genetic healthcare should not attempt Part 2 without first completing part 1.

Very experienced genetics practitioners may wish to do Part 2 only.

Venue: The University Residential Center of Bertinoro

Fees: The Registration fee for the entire course (€ 750,00) includes tuition, course material, all meals, coffee breaks, social dinner and transportation from Bologna airport/city centre to the course venue on April 30th and back on May 5th. Shuttle buses will be scheduled on April 30th at 2.00/2.30 pm and 5.00/5.30 pm, approx. On May 5th the shuttle bus will leave from Bertinoro to Bologna airport/city centre at the end of the course at 2.00 pm (estimated arrival time to Bologna 3.15/3.30 pm). If your flight leaves on May 6th we suggest to spend the night in Bologna.

Registration fee for the basic course (€ 400,00) includes tuition, course material, meals, coffee breaks and transportation from Bologna airport to the course venue on April 30th and back on May 4th in the morning, 8.30-9.00 am approx.

Registration fee for the advanced course (390,00 Euro) includes tuition, course material, meals, coffee breaks and transportation from Bologna airport to the course venue on May 3rd (4.00/4.30 pm approx.) and back on May 5th.

Accommodation: You’ll be lodged at the Course Venue and/or in nearby hotels.

The rate for a double room occupancy (to be shared with another participant) is €35,00/night/person. Please specify in the field note of the on line form your roommate. Otherwise the secretary office will arrange the combination.  Single rooms will be assigned only if available. For info ask before starting the payment procedure.

A limited number of fellowships covering both registration fees and accommodation will be sponsored by ESHG.  Following the guidelines established by ESHG, students from economically less favoured countries are strongly encouraged to apply for ESHG fellowships: see list here

However, fellowships are not limited to these countries.

Applicants for fellowships should submit their request together with CV, motivation letter and a reference letter to Closing date for fellowship applications: February 7th, 2022.

A communication of acceptance (or non-acceptance) will be sent by mail within February 18th, 2022.

Applicants who will not receive the fellowship can enroll in the course after February 18th.    

Closing date for registration will be when all places are taken (35).