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12/05/2016 - 12/05/2016


Since 1988 thousands of young geneticists, especially physicians and biologists, have been trained by the European School of Genetics Medicine (ESGM). They came from every side of Europe, from the southern rim of the Mediterranean sea, from the Middle East and from several other countries.
Taking into consideration only the period 2001-2011 the participants to the ESGM advanced training courses have been 6000. Most of them took place at the Centro Universitario di Bertinoro di Romagna ( ESGM and Bertinoro have thus become the most important European training center for young graduates in the medical genetic field and for this reason ESGM is recognized and sponsored with scholarships by many Universities and by the European Society of Human Genetics.
In 2016 ESGM and Bertinoro will start a completely new experience for the communication in genetics:

A group of students of the last year of the High School from ForlĂ­ (Emilia-Romagna region) in addition to students from Sardinia, Iran, and Qatar will be hosted in Bertinoro to attend the last lecture of the 29th COURSE IN MEDICAL GENETICS on Thursday May 12th.

The following day the ESGM students of the European School of Genetics Meicine will become the "instructors" of the High School students for debates, discussions and questions regarding medical genetic research and practice in the contemporary world.

In particular in the morning of May 12th the students will attend the lecture of Prof. Dagan Wells from Oxford on preimplantation genetic diagnosis. In the afternoon they will divide into different discussion groups to deal with topics chosen by the students themselves.
Friday 13th May will be dedicated to the prevention of genetic diseases (in particular thalassemias) with the active participation of the Iranian and Italian students who will discuss problems of patients and families involved with these disorders. These students will have been discussing these problems with their teachers and peers in their schools during the previous months. Most of the discussion groups in Bertinoro will take place in the many panoramic "terrazzi" of Bertinoro.

Why Sardinia and Iran?
During the last 40-30 years programmes for thalassemia prevention have been successfully developed in Sardinia and Iran and it will be of great interest to discover the perception that Sardinian and Iranian students have about questions raised by their national prevention strategies.

Why the Project is named after Guglielmo?
Guglielmo was a young brave man who died in August 2015, at the age of 23, after a long fight against a genetic disease which was diagnosed too late. Early diagnosis might have saved him.

Which are the goals of the Guglielmo Project?
- To increase the knowledge about human genetics and genetic disease among the young
- To test new communication techniques between physicians and users of genetic medicine
- To introduce new high-qualification courses for students from secondary school
- To strengthen the cooperation between university and school-nets.

The promoters of the Guglielmo Project are:
- European School of Genetics Medicine
- Italian Society of Human Genetics
- The Centro Residenziale Universitario di Bertinoro and the Bertinoro City Council Administration
- High Schools from Forlì, from Sardinia, from Teheran and from other regions of the world which intend to participate in the project.

For further information contact Prof. Beatrice Zanini (