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Summer School “The Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe”

28/06/2015 - 03/07/2015

In partnership with the Faculté de Droit de l'Université de Strasbourg, the Centre for European Law at King's College London and the University Residential Centre of Bertinoro (Ce.UB) organizes an annual Summer School on "The Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe ".

The Summer School aims to provide a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of protection of fundamental rights at European level. Subject of the course are the European Convention of Human Rights and fundamental rights within the European Union. In this general context are then subject to deepening of the individual aspects of the protection (which vary according to the edition), including: asylum and immigration, citizenship, relations between the EU and ECHR, the doctrine of the margin of appreciation, transitions and constitutional religious freedom.

For info contact to Giovanni Zaccaroni