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Basic and Advanced Genetic Counselling Course Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

23/04/2015 - 28/04/2015

Grand Mosque in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

For info and registration details:
Zandrè Bruwer; Khalsa Al-Kharusi ; Amel Al Foori

Genetic and Developmental Medicine Clinic
Department of Genetics
Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
P.O.Box 38
Post code 123
Al Khoud
Muscat, Oman
Tel: +968 2414 4388

This course represents an evolution of the `Genetic Counselling in Practice` courses that have been run successfully over the past ten years by the European School of Genetic Medicine. For the first time it will be hosted in Muscat in the Sultanate of Oman, enabling easier access for individuals from the Middle Eastern regions, while addressing the unique factors associated with practicing in this region. The same European faculty will run the course, with input from local speakers with regards to the religious and cultural aspects governing genetic counselling for Arab populations.

The course is made up of two parts, the first part includes basic scientific information and clinical skills needed for genetic healthcare practice, including prenatal, cancer genetics, ethics and laboratory testing, as well as on overview of the different scenarios and ethical and psychological complexities intrinsic to the discipline. The second part will focus on the counselling and communication skills required by those working with patients and their families. All students will be encouraged to practice their counselling skills in a supportive environment and to give and receive feedback. The course will include some exercises and discussion sessions aimed at facilitating professional and personal self-awareness of students, in order to enhance their genetic counselling practice. The course will include sessions on supporting patients through decision-making, prenatal and presymptomatic testing.

Clinical geneticists, genetic counsellors, genetic nurses and trainees in those professions. Other health care professionals from specialties such as ophthalmology, neurology and obstetrics who deal with genetic disorders may also benefit from undertaking the course.

The course will be held in English.

Directors and speakers

F. Forzano (Genoa, Italy ), G. Romeo (Bologna, Italy) and A. Tibben (Leiden, The Netherlands).

International Speakers:
J. Baptista (Bologna, Italy)
F. Forzano (Genoa, Italy)
M. Iascone (Bergamo, Italy)
C. Patch (London, UK)
E. Razzaboni (Modena, Italy)
G. Romeo (Bologna, Italy)
A. Tibben (Leiden, The Netherlands)
D. Turchetti (Bologna, Italy)

Local speakers:
K. Al Kharusi (Muscat, Oman)
Z. Bruwer (Muscat, Oman)

Scientific Programme



Social Programme
To be announced shortly.

Other information

There will be an opportunity to apply for fellowships covering the registration fee and accommodation during the course. Applicants for fellowships should submit their request together with CV and a reference letter to and
Applications for fellowships will be reviewed based on the financial need and scientific merit.

To be announced shortly.

Deadline for sending application for fellowships: 1 March 2015

Students are encouraged to register for the entire six day course. Unique situations may be considered upon further review by the course directors.

Registration fee for the 6 day course: 500 OMR

The course fee includes tuition, course material, lunch, coffee breaks and the closing gala dinner.

Please note:

The fee does not include ACCOMMODATION or breakfast and dinner.
For more information please visit the section: ACCOMMODATION



The Crowne Plaza Hotel offers a unique cliff top location overlooking the Gulf of Oman ( The venue is located a 20 minute drive from Muscat International Airport and within easy reach of the renound Opera house, malls, restaurants and café-lined promenade on Qurum Beach.


If you are considering staying at the course venue or if you have been accepted for a fellowship then the room rates are based on a double room (two course participants sharing) and you will have the option of being able to choose the colleague that you would like to share your room with. You can contact for further information on this option.

If you do not want to share a room with another course participant, please contact the hotel directly: and mention that you will be attending for the genetic counselling course.

All the faculty of the course will stay in this hotel, where you will have the opportunity to talk and socialize with them.

Attending the course without accommodation at course venue (Crowne Plaza Hotel):
We suggest that you stay close to the course venue to avoid having to deal with traffic into the city every morning, especially with regards to the early start of the lectures (details available in course program). If you need any further options about the best places to stay, that are close to the course venue, you can contact Zandre on e-mail (

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