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Bertinoro Workshop on Algorithms and Graphs (BWAG)

15/12/2013 - 20/12/2013

Roberta Partisani – phone: +39 0543 446500; fax: +39 0543 44557

The all-inclusive registration fee for the event is euro 615 for accommodation in a single room and 540 for accommodation in a double room. These fees cover all local expenses, including meals, coffee breaks and accommodation for 5 nights (from December 15th to 20th ).

Student/junior registration is reduced to 265 Euro, thanks to sponsor contributions.

Please confirm with the organizers at when registering for the reduced rate

If you want to share a double room please specify your roommate in the field note of your registration on line.

Some useful information concerning your “book on line”:

- “ID CODE” field: if you haven’t it, please write no code or 0000;

- “BILLING ADDRESS” field: you have to choose your surname/name or your institution. Only one field is admitted;
- "VAT n/Italian fiscal code number” field: if you haven’t it, please write no code or 0000