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The Ce.U.B. offers to our guests the accommodation, together with breakfast and lunch, thanks to our canteen service.
Dinners can be organized in the restaurants which have an agreement with Bertinoro, where it is possible to taste the tradition of food and wine of the Romagna region.
It is also possible to organize dinners inside the Fortress and organize for the catering service.

Accommodations in Fortress

The Fortress hosts not only the meeting rooms but also 21 guests rooms, 15 singles and 5 twins.
All the rooms are equipped with en suite bathroom, Wifi connection, telephone and TV.

Accommodations in The Episcopal Seminary

Located within a few minutes on foot from the Fortress, the Seminary comprises 65 en suite guests room, 32 singles and 33 twins, provided with telephone, TV, internet connection (Wi-fi). The Seminary also provides TV rooms, reading room, lounge area, laundry (cleaning and ironing service).

The Centre Canteen

Thanks to the in-house catering team, Ce.U.B. provides the highest standard of service. The canteen is located in the Former Seminary and seats up to 200 people in 4 rooms.
The rooms can also be set up according to your needs.