How to reach

How to reach

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How to reach Bertinoro:

Bertinoro is situated halfway between Forlì and Cesena, 6 km away from SS9 (Via Emilia), immediately east from Forlimpopoli.


For the ones driving from Bologna: take Forlì exit on A-14 highway and follow signals for Cesena-Forlimpopoli-Bertinoro.
For the ones driving from Rimini: take Cesena Nord exit on A-14 highway and then follow E45 street to Rome till Cesena Ovest exit. Turn right on SS9 (Via Emilia), direction Forlì-Bologna. Follow signals for Bertinoro.
For infos:
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 44.148913 - Longitude: 12.132533


Bologna-Rimini line. Get down in Forlì or Cesena.
Forlimpopoli-Bertinoro is not recommended, as it’s only a service station.

To reach the University Center:
- taxi service: in front of train stations
Ph: +39 0543 31111 from Forlì - +39 0547 610710 from Cesena

Bus service:

Line nr.92 from Bus Point (close to the railway station), get down in Forlimpopoli and catch a second bus, line nr.121, direction Bertinoro.

Bus scheduling on the following web-site:


The closest airport to the University Center of Bertinoro is Bologna (BLQ), about 80 km away.
In Rimini Airport (RMN), 40 km away from Bertinoro, some European flights are landing.