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This “Agenda” confirms the hard work and the route taken by Ce.U.B. during the year 2012 and provides an overview of the main Events held between 2010 and 2011. The “Agenda” shows the way Ce.U.B. has once again become a place of high-profile design, staying true to its fundamental principles: the value of culture and the tradition of hospitality.

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For over 15 years now, The University Residential Centre is a leading Congress Centre in Italy able to organize national and international events, vocational training courses or congresses, where historical spaces blend with qualified staff and technological equipment.

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Beginning from 2006, Ce.U.B decided to promote the most important events taking place at the Centre. Therefore Ce.U.B. decided to release the online magazine “Collegamenti”, which is published every three months. The target readers range from potential buyers to public and private institutions, inside you can find not only the most important events but also what life at Ce.U.B. is like.

  • Numero Unico 2010 (pubblicato il 14/01/2011) (1.12 MB)
  • Nr. 2 2009 (pubblicato il 12/7/2012) (1.12 MB)
  • Nr. 2 2008 (pubblicato il 15/12/2008) (1.12 MB)


The publications of Ce.U.B. aim to promote and sustain our cultural heritage and the history of the Society. Since 2007, the Ce.U.B. also promotes the publications edited by the New Media Centre of the University of Bologna, devoted to the “Rodrigo Pais” photogallery fund.

Publications edited by Ce.U.B.:

  • F. Fornasari, L. Melandri (edited by), La Rocca di Bertinoro 995 – 2000. Castello comitale, sede vescovile, centro universitario, Forlì, 2002.
  • A. Bandini, E. Bertoni, O. Mazzotti, P. Rambelli (edited by), Il valore della Cultura, la tradizione dell’Ospitalità, Bertinoro, 2006;
  • A. Bandini, E. Bertoni (edited by), Gli angeli di San Silvestro. Storia di un restauro, Bertinoro, 2010;

Publications supported by Ce.U.B. and edited by the New Media Centre of the University of Bologna:

  • S. Mirabella, P. Moressa, Il sorriso e la maschera, Bertinoro 2007;
  • G. Gambetta, S. Mirabella, Pais Italia 1955 – 1960, Bologna, 2008;
  • G. Gambetta, S. Mirabella, Adone Zoli, Bologna, 2010;
  • S. Mirabella, Turkey: a bridge between East and West, Bologna, 2012.